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Smugglers are change agents in a workplace wired against change.

You need a different approach to extract yourself from the existing politics and inertia.

What you are doing isn’t working. You need a new approach to be successful. You know that any complex system can be managed well if you look at the individual components. But, you may need help analyzing what is going on between the individual components.

You want to experience meaning and purpose in your work.

You can’t seem to move any ideas through the muck at work. You have had enough and need your project to be successful for all involved. You want to feel meaning and purpose again for a job well done.

You need a new playbook to advance changes when facing ``The Wall of NO``!

You have made the decision to feel good again about your work, on your own terms. You simply need the information explained quickly and succinctly so you can get to it.

You seek the support of people who think like you and get things done.

You are not alone in your quest to change the game. Meet other like-minded smugglers. Share tactics to empower each other to advance ideas and maybe even have fun at work again!